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ROBERT HEFFLEY ENGINEERING can assist your firm in a variety of aerospace-technology R&D activities, including:

  •     Air-vehicle and pilot behavioral math model development
  •     Flight and simulator data acquisition and analysis
  •     Simulator software and hardware development
  •     Application of Matlab® and Simulink®
  •     Aircraft handling qualities analysis
  •     Flight simulation research
  •     Aircraft design
  •     TPV models
  •     Consulting


Technical capabilities of the organization

Background and experience of R. Heffley

Simulator math modeling and list of vehicle models

Bibliography  of technical publications

Engineering facilities situated in California

Pilot modeling theory and examples

Library of public domain documents

Demonstration of some products

Matlab and Simulink

RotorGen2 helicopter models


Robert Heffley 

Phone (650) 949-1747 

e-Mail rhef@aol.com  
























Updated 11 October 2015