MatlabŪ and SimulinkŪ Development Home

Robert Heffley Engineering has applied MatlabŪ products since their introduction in 1984.

Some of the broad range of applications include:

·         Development of air-vehicle math models for manned- and unmanned-simulation

·         Construction of math models that emulate pilot behavior for diverse maneuvers

·         System ID of aircraft and pilot system models from flight and simulator data

·         Creation of special purpose Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)

·         Development of many special-purpose Matlab functions

·         Embedded RotorGen2 math model in a Simulink model

·         Analysis of airplane and helicopter handling qualities



1.    We maintain up-to-date versions of Matlab, Simulink, and many of the Matlab toolboxes and blocksets.

2.      We can combine complex system models with 3-D virtual reality simulations in order to present a broad picture of system operation, an approach essential to effective system design or analysis.

3.     Matlab and Simulink are broadly used by the aerospace industry, and system models and data can be exported and imported to and from many other software applications.

Updated 11 October 2015