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The office and engineering facilities of ROBERT HEFFLEY ENGINEERING are located in Penn Valley, California, in the Sierra Nevada foothills. RHE maintains computing, report production, and technical library facilities on-site.

Scientific computing facilities consist of a variety of computer platforms (PC and Mac)  to provide maximal compatibility with clients' facilities. We utilize customers' computer facilities as needed, and can supply all necessary computer equipment and software. RHE has an array of proprietary, special-purpose software tools as well as many up-to-date commercially-available ones. We have the ability to synthesize quickly and efficiently airplane and helicopter simulator math models for generic and specific aircraft, to generate simulator computer source code, and to supply comprehensive validation and verification checks.

System simulation and analysis using MATLABŪ and SIMULINKŪ* are a specialty. RHE has used MatlabŪ extensively since 1984, and we maintain a broad selection of Matlab toolboxes plus our own proprietary toolboxes and functions. Virtual reality has been added to these resources, and our VR 3-D models include nearly 100 airplanes, helicopters, and surface ships. We also have the ability to produce models from scratch that can be used in conjunction with Simulink and the Matlab virtual reality toolbox.

RHE maintains a rich technical library. Our collection of technical reports, papers, journals, and references span a variety of disciplines. We maintain unique resources needed for development of air-vehicle and pilot math models and flight control systems.

RHE provides direct engineering assistance to the degree desired by each client. This can range from short telephone consultations to full-time engineering support supplied on-site at the client's facilities. Clients may desire to have RHE to assist with the training and development of their own engineering personnel in any of the areas listed above. Also RHE may be called upon to provide the final product without direct client participation. We tailor the kind of support to each individual client to maximize cost-effectiveness. Prompt reporting and thorough documentation are the rule.

Technical Support
We maintain an association with other consultants and specialists who can provide added support for projects, as needed. All project support receives the direct attention of highly qualified and talented engineering and scientific personnel. We have access to experienced programmers, engineers, pilots, and system designers.


* Products of The MathWorks, Inc.


Updated 29 January 2015