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Robert Heffley has developed numerous simulator math models for a wide variety of applications. Vehicles include fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft in all phases of flight. Each model is customized for its use and host computer or simulator. The following table lists several examples developed over recent years.

Table of Simulator Math Models Developed by Robert Heffley Engineeering.






RotorGen simplified thrust/Vi, quadratic aero CH-47, CH-53, UH-1, UH-60, A-109, AH-1, MD500, V-22 Single & tandem rotor, slung load, generic scas Army, FAA, other Handling qualities for large cargo helos, VMS use
RotorGen2  generic fixed-wing or helicopter, full speed range MD500, Bo105, AH-1, UH-1H, UH-60, CH-53, S-64, Bo105, CH-47 Matlab/Simulink, non-linear or linear, C++ code, landing gear, pilot models, task models Internal development, ongoing Vehicle development, manned-simulation, training systems, multi-vehicle tactical simulator facility, task-pilot-vehicle (TPV) sim
quadratic aero CE310, B727, BE58 full envelope NASA, other Human factors, training, HUD development
stability derivative AH-1, UH-1, BO-105, CH-53, OH-6, GA8 long, lat-dir coupled, gust Army, Boeing, STI, other Handling qualities, analysis
GenAir quadratic aero FJ-2, F7U,  A-6,  F-14 conventional vs tailless design study Navy Carrier landing simulation, aircraft design
stability derivative T-33, F-4, F-104, C-5, B747, BO-105, CH-53, SH-60 range of size, type, flight condition NASA, Navy Handling qualities, analysis
quadratic aero T-33, T-38, F-15 low speed Northrop Training
quadratic aero DC-3, DHC-6, STOL-X low speed, trans-stall NASA, FAA Commercial STOL operations
transfer function A-6, F-111, F4D, A-5 Navy Carrier landing
analytic fit to flight test data Breguet 941 prop, turbine, deflected slipstream, landing gear NASA, FAA Commercial STOL operations

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Updated 9 January 2015